Video: Nexus One 3G Switching Problem Remains

It appears that Google needs to take a serious look at the 3G coverage issue with their Nexus One as although Google recently pushed out an over the air update to fix the issue, said 3G problems still exist.

The word is Google support forums are mentioning that there also seems to be a problem with where a user holds the Nexus One with some experiencing the smartphone will drop 3G simply by holding the handset at the bottom.

We have a video for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below courtesy of engadget, which lasts almost four minutes and shows that when holding the Nexus One at its bottom it drops from HSDPA to EDGE, but hold it at its top and it switches back to HSDPA.

So basically where you hold your Nexus One determines whether you get 3G coverage or not, which is kind of weird to say the least; check out the video below and let us know if you have been experiencing the same issue.


One thought on “Video: Nexus One 3G Switching Problem Remains”

  1. jJack says:

    This is exactly what happens with me when I hold the phone at the bottom. I know its not a T-Mobile issue because I live in the middle east. Hope an update can fix this.

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