T-Mobile Google Nexus One early termination fee price cut

Google has offered a price cut to its early termination fee for its Nexus One phone, this device launched January 2010 with Equipment Recovery Fee of $350 and of course an early termination fee by T-Mobile.

Well now it seems according to Mobiletor that Google has dropped the price to $150 and any ETF fixed by the carrier, the $350 device recovery fee is a little expensive especially when you add it up with T-Mobile charging for ETF of $150.

The changed fee means that there has been a $200 cut; this is all good news if you want the new Nexus One smartphone and even better news if you decide you no longer want to own one.

Please let us know if this is good news for you, do you have the Google Nexus One phone? If so please send in your reviews of this device and if you are happy with it.

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