Is this the new iPhone 4G 2010? Prototype photos against 3GS

Yes another rumour readers, this time it is all about new photos of the next iPhone (Possibly iPhone 4G) front panel.

Thanks to iResQ posting images, you can clearly see the front panel of the 4th-generation iPhone that is sitting next to the 3GS model. The new panel is 1/4-inch bigger than the 3GS model but does have the same aluminium back.

What is interesting is the small reflective surface that is located above the earpiece, could this possibly mean that we will get to see a camera for video calls? Who knows as yet again these are just pure rumours and even then we do not know if these images are the real deal or not.


All we know is that the next Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is coming in June 2010 so we are sure Steve Jobs will let us know if these are pure rumours or indeed fact. Obviously, we would be very happy for the all-new Apple iPhone 4G to be announced and readily available for July.

Do you think these images are fake or real?

Source – Mac Rumors


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