Should Apple keep AT&T iPhone Exclusive or go Verizon?

It would seem according to analysts at Barclays Capital that there is further speculation that Apple will choose AT&T as their choice of carrier for the upcoming iPhone 4G.

This follows a report back on the 5th of February that stated a 75% chance that AT&T would actually keep the next generation iPhone. There have been many rumours however, that the iPhone 4G could find its way to Verizon.

The reason behind the way the analysts are thinking seems to have a lot to do with the way the latest Apple creation the iPad will be capable of running on AT&T’s network. Apple definitely don’t want to be jeopardizing the agreement that is already in place in relation to the servicing of the tablet device.

AT&T are committed to improving their appalling network. Since the latest Apple device the iPad has become part of the network their have been numerous complaints in respect of dropped calls and spotty inconsistent coverage. Please do answer the question below using our poll system, love to know what your thoughts are.

Source – electric.com

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