Google search for mobile receives enhancements

For those of you that are keen to search on one of the most popular search engines of course we‘re talking Google, you can now enjoy some rather nice enhancements that the company have made to the appearance.

The new improved look now gives those searching through a web browser on an Android or iPhone device and some other handsets new button looks a new toolbar style plus more.

Other changes you may notice are that the Google logo has been moved to the top of the search results page, which gives a larger area for the search box itself, which now being that little bit larger is easier to see and press. The font is larger again making it a lot easier to see what text you have entered.

Google have said that they have given a bit of loving tender care to the homepage, and have introduced a new search button situated by the side of the search box rather than underneath it. The reason behind that is that now as a search suggestion appears it will no longer hide the button. Source – softpedia.com

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