Motorola Company Split Back On for 2011

Not too long ago Motorola shelved their plans to split their company into two, we reported on the Motorola hold which can be read (here). Now Motorola has announced that the planned separation of the company is now back on.

Motorola has officially announced the separation of the firm will take place in the first quarter of 2011 and will make Motorola into two separate entities with one being the mobile phone business and the other being enterprise and network business.

Head of Motorola handsets, Sanjay Jha will gain the position as head of handset and set top box division while the enterprise and network business will be headed by co-chief exec officer of Motorola Greg Brown.

Apparently both divisions will retain the Motorola brand name; however, the mobile and set top box division will own the brand and license it to enterprise and network royalty free.

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