Video: BlackBerry Curve is Bullet-proof?

It’s not everyday your smartphone stops you from being hit by a bullet, but apparently the Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve smartphone can as a Daytona woman is saved from any serious hurt when she was accidentally shot.

Apparently on the 6th of February, Anthony Holtvogt was with his girlfriend at Flicker’s restaurant when while Holtvogt was adjusting his jacket he realised the slide was back on his handgun, and then it fired. The bullet struck the BlackBerry Curve smartphone and dented it thus stopping the bullet from entering his girlfriend’s leg.

The bullet didn’t penetrate the BlackBerry Curve and only dented it and made the BlackBerry Curve unusable. Thanks to the BlackBerry smartphone the girl was able to walk from the restaurant with just a hole in her pants and a bruised leg.

We have a video report of the incident for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at gizmodo, and just goes to show that carrying a BlackBerry smartphone can be beneficial to your health…enjoy.

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