$100 Million a year from Google to be iPhone Search Engine

There’s been some rumour that Apple may replace Google Search as the default search engine on the iPhone with Microsoft’s Bing; however according to a report on business insider there are a couple of reasons why Google may stay with the iPhone.

Apparently according to a source close to the matter, Google hand over $100 million every year for the privilege of being on the iPhone, which no matter how you look at it is a hell of a lot of bucks.

The other reason stated is that Apple may well be looking at building their own search engine; however, according to the source this rumour “isn’t credible” and has said that there are too many options for search on the market.

Now to Apple $100 million probably isn’t a great deal of money, and there’s always a chance that Microsoft could open their large chequebook and forge a better deal to get Bing as the iPhone default engine, and well Google has now become a competitor to the iPhone, so you never know.

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