Bada from Samsung arrives Valentines day

Of course there are a number of quite obvious reasons why the upcoming Mobile World Congress which is to be held in Barcelona is a major event for many mobile companies.

For Samsung it is definitely an important event, they will be launching their own operating system the Samsung Bada platform. It was unveiled last year when it was showed to a bunch of developers and companies in a bid to promote the platform and encourage developers to create apps for it.

Third party support for any operating system is a major factor. It is of course the content that is the important factor. That has been proved with Nokia’s Maemo as with sufficient support from developers you can have a really successful platform even if it is new.

The Baba OS will be going up against fellow Maemo and Android OS and of course Windows Mobile. The specifications are a bit hazy at the moment but it is assumed and presumed that it will feature a new AMOLED touch screen. Source – blog.best-mobile-contracts.co.uk

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