Video: Sony Ericsson Vivaz Straightforward Unboxing

When you watch a video unboxing of a smartphone you don’t want all that faffing about showing the smartphone being turned on and taking a look at the user interface and stuff like that, what you want is a straightforward take everything out of the box and job done unboxing right?

Well maybe you don’t as it’s usually interesting to see the actual handset turned on and a quick look at what goes on, but not in the video unboxing of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz.

This Sony Ericsson Vivaz unboxing video last almost one and a half minutes and all that happens is opening the box, taking the Sony Ericsson Vivaz out along with the other usual gear and then checking out the other boxes.

Which is fine if you like you video unboxings short, simple and straight to the point; me I prefer a more closer look at the handset along with maybe some jovial banter and such, what about you? Hit up the video below courtesy of daily mobile.

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