Google to buy T-Mobile USA speculation continues

Some would say the concept of Google buying T-Mobile USA is just ridiculous others would strongly disagree. So where does this story come from.

This comes from a lot of speculation from a number of serious thinkers out there, and it remains a hot topic of conversation amongst bloggers throughout.

It is purely speculation at this stage and nothing more than that. Neither company are passing any comment on the subject at present. One serious proponent of Google buying T-Mobile is from an anonymous contributor to the web site of consulting firm Gerson Lehman Group.

Known as an expert and of their own opinion they claim Google is becoming a telecom operator, they also believe that Google views the largest US operators as competitors and it they got to purchase T-Mobile they would pick up some 33 million new Google Voice users. Another idea would be that they could give away their phones ad supported, but would people be interested in having a phone that is free but they get inundated with ads each time they want to make a call or go surfing the net. Source – computerworld.com

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