Microsoft to challenge iPhone with Windows Mobile 7 at MWC

Google has tried very hard to stop the Apple iPhone with their Android, it would seem that the iPhone is just unstoppable.

Microsoft however have taken a back seat as it would appear they have been moving in slow motion. However, that may well be about to change as on Monday at the MWC in Spain Microsoft will be attempting this again with Windows Mobile 7 the latest version of the companies operating system.

Although it’s not likely to be seen next week, Microsoft have also been working very hard on their own mobile phone design named Pink and intended for teenagers. This device is said to be the offspring danger, the maker of the T-Mobile sidekick.

Pink is made by Sharp and it is expected that it will be sold by Verizon Wireless and also Vodafone Group.
Windows Mobile 6.5 was launched back in October and so far that has received mixed reviews the worst being that the design was boring and the phone was slow. For more information visit venturebeat.com

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