Griffins powerblock boost your iPhone battery

If you are one of those that likes to spend time showing off all your new Apple applications whether it be virtual pints of lager or shaking boobs then this could be just the thing for you.

Most Apple iPhone users complain about the same thing the length of time it takes to drain your power and perhaps leave you stranded. It is common knowledge that they run out of juice pretty quick.

One solution could be to stop surfing the web playing with the quirky games etc and then it should last you a little longer, but hang on you got the iPhone in order to be able to do those things as and when you choose to right.

Grab hold of the Powerblock from Griffin its really neat. Basically it is a wall charger that will work from any USB device but there’s more it has a little removable battery built in that actually charges itself at the same time. If you need to nip out to the shops just simply pop it into your pocket and you’ll get two extra hours of talk time or 90 minutes on the web, about to become available in Apple stores soon for just £29.99. Source – thesun.co.uk

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