Video: How many Oranges to power an iPhone?

We have rather an unusual iPhone video for your viewing pleasure today, which simply uses the power of the orange, and no not the carrier but the fruit variety, to power up an iPhone handset.

Of course it’s a fairly pointless experiment because in this day and age the cost of so many oranges would probably out weight the cost of an actual iPhone charger and the bill for charging said iPhone, but it’s a fun experiment never the less.

The video below comes courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile, and shows chef, well I presume it’s a chef with some knowledge of electronics wiring up an abundance of oranges and linking them to an iPhone connector.

So to find out just how many oranges it takes to power an iPhone hit up the video below and enjoy. I wonder how many apples (no pun intended) it would take, or maybe bananas…the possibilities are endless.

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