Will iPhone 4G 2010 look like this?

We all know that the iPhone 4G 2010 will surface sooner or later, it’s just a matter of when Apple want to unveil it, and although some will be disappointed by hearing that AT&T may still hold exclusivity over the iPhone and Verizon won’t be gaining the iPhone 4G 2010, one can’t help wondering what the next-gen iPhone will look like.

Well it could look like this concept art that designer Guilherme M. Schasipen posted to French website NowhereElse, and looks to be quite plausible as it keeps the main design of pervious iPhone handsets.

However, there are a couple of differences reports an article over on know your mobile, one it looks like there is a double camera design possible to enable video calling, and then there’s the different design curves that use more severe angles than the iPhone 3GS.

So what do you think readers, could the iPhone 4G 2010 look something like this? Whatever the iPhone 4G 2010 looks like when it finally hits no doubt Apple will make a bundle in sales.


3 thoughts on “Will iPhone 4G 2010 look like this?”

  1. MrCoogi23 says:

    The Fact that it looks exactly like the iPad from the back makes me think that the artist lazily just copied the design from the iPad.

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