Microsoft to Fight iPhone and BlackBerry with Software Upgrade

A few years ago Microsoft had it all its own way in the mobile space with Windows Mobile on roughly a quarter of all smartphones, but then alone came Apple and the iPhone and Research In Motions and the BlackBerry and spoiled it all for Microsoft.

Since then Windows mobile has been falling way behind in the race to dominate the smartphone operating system, and with newer operating systems coming along such as Google’s Android and now Samsung’s Bada, Windows Mobile is struggling to stay afloat.

However, according to an article over on Bloomberg, on the 15th of February, Microsoft will unveil their Windows Phone operating system at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the president of Microsoft entertainment and devices division, Robbie Bach has said Windows Phone will move the bar forward.

IDC analyst, William Stofega has said that Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile software must be different and convince partners and customers alike they are going to fundamentally change direction.

Apparently Windows Phone has the ability of easy handling of word processing and spreadsheets sent from a computer and is to be more integrated with the Zune music player and Xbox enabling the sharing of video and music through Microsoft devices.


One thought on “Microsoft to Fight iPhone and BlackBerry with Software Upgrade”

  1. Antonios says:

    The mobile phone industry has become cut throat competitive, with rival brands trying any way possible to out do eachother in ample ways. What worries me is that rather than giving people great ease of interaction and connectivity to the wider technological scope, this will lead to seperation into groups of brand followers. There is no way apple and windows would allow the possibility for their products to be compatible if their sole goal is to claim majority of the market. Soon enough we will have to choose a brand and use their laptops, phones, mp3 players, game stations etc. Competition brings choices and innovation, as does rivalry, but the latter has the potential to make great devisions among the tecnhophil population.

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