Windows Mobile 7 to Debut at MWC 2010

Its coming…it isn’t…it is, that’s the general line when it comes to Windows Mobile 7, there has been much debate on when we will actually get to see Windows Mobile 7, but according to an article over on electronista, Windows Mobile 7 fans can set their calendar for MWC 2010 in Barcelona.

Apparently Microsoft has now confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 operating system will make its official debut during Mobile World Congress 2010 in Spain next month says Peter Klein, Microsoft’s CFO.

Apparently the new version of Windows Mobile will deliver an overhauled UI which centres on finger input and easy to navigate controls compared to earlier versions, but will Windows Mobile 7 be able to drag Windows out of the mire.

Microsoft has been losing considerable ground in the smartphone OS game to the iPhone and Android, and maybe Windows Mobile 7 will be able to push Windows phones further, but is the gab between Windows, Android and iPhone widened too much.

I guess we’ll see what Windows Mobile 7 offers the smartphone world during MWC 2010, and see if Microsoft is about to gain ground or not.

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