No iPhone 3GS for India?

India gained the iPhone 3G way back in 2008 shortly after its US launch and was supplied via Vodafone and Airtel in 8GB and 16GB models; since then India has been patiently awaiting the iPhone 3GS to hit their shores.

However, it now appears that India will not be gaining the iPhone 3GS as according to an article over on expressbuzz they have been told by a company official that there are no plans to deliver the iPhone 3GS to the country.

Apparently the reasons for this are the response from the Indian market, which for the iPhone 3G fell below expectations, consumer spending fell due to the economic climate, and the delay in India’s auction of 3G spectrum.

So there you have it, it looks as if either India has a very long wait for the iPhone 3GS to appear or they won’t be gaining it at all.


One thought on “No iPhone 3GS for India?”

  1. vinothkumar says:

    I am already using one !! I brought it here in chennai india this jan22 but fully unlocked without any carrier . who said that india cant get it !! we rock all time . .

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