Can iPhone learn Things from iPad?

Apple has unveiled their iPad and the hype is running wild, some look on the iPad as just an oversized iPhone but less portable so why get it. However, according to an article over on mobilecrunch, iPhone users should be excited about the iPad.

They say iPhone users should be excited because the iPad heralds changes to the iPhone OS and thus presumably to the iPhone, most changes are iPad only but some may trickle onto the iPhone.

So can the iPhone learn from the changes to the OS in the iPad? Here are five things that they say the iPhone could learn.

Firstly Bluetooth keyboard support, if the iPad supports a Bluetooth keyboard there’s no reason why an iPhone shouldn’t as well eventually. Next desktop file syncing for 3rd-party applications, iPhone OS 3.2 has a new key, “UIFileSharingEnabled” which basically means you can drag and drop files from your PC into a 3rd-party storage folder.

Next is what they call, apps can identify themselves as supporting specific file types, if a file isn’t recognised as out of the box by the iPhone it can be a bit of a chore, and currently the user can’t launch a file from an email into a 3rd-party app but iPhone OS 3.2 can.

Then there’s PDF creation support, the iPad iWork can create PDF files and Apple has put it in the operating system thus developers wanting to add PDF creation can without writing a system

Lastly it’s all about the 1GHz A4 processor, many new smartphones such as the iPhone rival the Nexus One incorporates a 1GHz Snapdragon and as the iPad has a 1GHz processor then there’s no real reason why a next generation iPhone couldn’t have a 1GHz processor too.

They may have a valid point, but if all these things become available in a next-gen iPhone the only difference between the iPad and the iPhone will be screen size and portability, which sort of makes the iPad redundant wouldn’t it?

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