Poll: Do you want Verizon or AT&T iPhone 2010?

Okay there is much debate over the iPhone 2010 and whether Apple should allow AT&T to keep exclusivity over the iPhone or allow Verizon Wireless to carry the iconic handset on their network.

Over the past few months we have seen numerous rumours and speculations concerning the Big Red, the Big Blue and the iPhone, and most recently analysts have been predicting that AT&T will more than likely retain their stranglehold over the iPhone.

Many expected Apple to announce a CDMA version of iPhone 2010 during their Apple event but it didn’t happen, they launched the iPad which will also be with AT&T for data.

iPhone customers have for as long as I can remember been complaining about AT&T’s poor network for the iPhone and many have said if Apple gave the iPhone to Verizon they would switch carriers, but it appears Apple doesn’t listen to those iPhone owners.

So we thought it was about time we ran a poll on this subject just to see which way people would vote, and see if the calls for an iPhone 2010 to be with Verizon wireless are strong. So do you want Verizon or AT&T iPhone 2010? Cast your vote in the poll below.

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15 thoughts on “Poll: Do you want Verizon or AT&T iPhone 2010?”

  1. 3Geo says:

    Interesting results, but as expected, based on the way the question was asked.

    Expected was that most rational thinking people would say both, but those who want the iPhone, and can’t yet have it due to Apple making a business case to support the world with one model.
    Verizon subscribers, and they’re are a bunch, would love the model. And they will, but despite the simplistic idea that they should offer a Verizon CDMA compatible device now, it is my belief that the iPhone will stay GSM, and the iPhone LTE will be the point that Verizon might get the Apple iPhone. Verizon’s LTE deployement has to support voice and data to allow the iPhone users on Verizon to have any expectation that use model for widespread acceptance/tolerance can be assured.

    Verizon, there is a map for that, and you’ve yet to create it for GSM. When you do, the pieces will fall into place. Then the playing field will be level, and we can see if Verizon is up to the task to take on the flood of data that such a rich device will create. Good luck!

  2. John says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Apple and Verizon… Play nice and give us what we want. I WILL NOT switch to AT&T… service SUX, and none of my family are with AT&T so all calls would be “cost calls”.

    All my friends who have switched to AT&T hate it and as soon as you pick up iPhone they are breaking their contracts and coming to Verizon. Do it! You won’t regret it!

  3. c chapman says:

    AT&T service coverage map is not accurate.
    I bought an Iphone in mid november 2009 based on the AT&T reception coverage map for our area.
    In the 10 days I had the iphone I spoke with two AT&T techs who told me it was not the phone it was that AT&T had no reception here. The AT&T techs recommended I return the phone, which I did.
    AT&T is aware that they do not have coverage in this area. The current AT&T coverage map as of Feb,2010 has not been changed to reflect what they know. The AT&T maps are not accurate and they continue to sell Iphones based on their coverage maps.
    Obviously we cannot believe their maps or their advertising.
    Pity, as it appears Apple, which does have a fantastic product and does appear to provide excellence in their products, is working with a company that continues to deceive people about their reception and service.
    We do receive great service and reception in our area on Verizon Wireless. Too bad they cannot sell the Iphone as I would surely be using one.

  4. Chad says:

    There are going to be alot of upset verizon customers once they realize that they can’t browse their apps while on the phone with a friend. If verizon happens to get the iphone, I’ll be sitting back with my popcorn watching the show.

  5. Victoria Maxwell says:

    I have VerizonWireless and I want an iPhone. Why can’t the customer have what they want (since they pay for it)? Why wouldn’t VerizonWireless and Apple want to have more customers?

  6. Jay Lane says:

    AT&T is the better choice i travel overseas alot an My iphone is unlocked. So when i am overseas I can just buy a sim an put it in my phone. I use to be a verizon user an they do have great service. So unless veriozon keeps it gsm its not looking good.

  7. Stephen says:

    Chad said: “There are going to be alot of upset verizon customers once they realize that they can’t browse their apps while on the phone with a friend. If verizon happens to get the iphone, I’ll be sitting back with my popcorn watching the show.”

    What difference does that make? I don’t browse the web and talk on my phone at the same time as it is. Nor do a lot of other people I know. So, why would Verizon customers be upset? I’m sitting back eating popcorn waiting for your response.

  8. Peter says:

    I too want an iphone. I however am a big fan of verizon. I was with AT&T years ago and switched and have been happy ever since. I have the Blackberry Storm but it cannot compete with the iphone. I firmly believe with the other posters that it would be best if both but Verizon customers would love the option of getting an iphone.

  9. Heath says:

    There are going to be alot of upset verizon customers once they realize that they can’t browse their apps while on the phone with a friend. If verizon happens to get the iphone, I’ll be sitting back with my popcorn watching the show.

    For real…this guy must’ve watched too many AT&T commercials. No one does that. No one cares. No one wants to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time, and you can only do that within a 3G AT&T coverage area. Which is kinda hard to find since they only have like 3 or 4 % of their network upgraded to 3G. Verizon/Alltel and Sprint have been done upgrading to 3G for years. The ONLY reason AT&T brings up the talk/surf at the same time is because they know there really isn’t anything they have on Verizon. Fastest 3G? Maybe capable of it, but in the real world, I think Sprint is still nailing that one in field tests, with Verizon a close 2nd. Sprint’s already well on their way to building a national 4G network, Verizon is testing theirs. Why doesn’t Apple pull their head out of their ass? Or buy an AT&T and Verizon phone and see how many more places they can do more stuff with Verizon?

  10. tom says:

    Verizon sucks. I had them for years before switching to att i live in the mountains of Alaska and verizon does not work here to many dead spots

  11. Ginormagantuan says:

    why don't ypu all get an unlocked phone? there are a lot of countries that sell them I just got one in Italy and can switch sims whenever i want….. just saying, they do cost a lot, but it pays off in the end. THe only reason they cost less when locked is because all the extra little charges that come with the contract and they make their money back, but whenulocked they cost more because you can choose to be cheap and put a pay as you go card in it….. you know that kind of thing.

  12. erika says:

    Yes verizon has good service but not in alaska. I just got a droid from verizon and is seriously thinking about switching to at&t.

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