New iPhone 4G AT&T Exclusive for 2010 Expectation

Yes folks it’s back to the iPhone 4G, and AT&T again, and this time Barclays Capital analysts have apparently said that Apple will probably choose to allow AT&T to keep the iPhone and extend their exclusivity agreement reports an article over on the next web.

Furthermore the Barclays Capital analysts go a step further and say that AT&T will have exclusivity of the next-gen iPhone 4G once it arrives. The article says the reasoning behind this is because the latest creation from Apple, the iPad will be through AT&T.

Apparently the analyst’s speculation also takes in another factor which is AT&T’s attempts to beef up their networks so they can manage both the iPhone and iPad and apparently the iPhone 4G if these rumours are to be believed.

The article also speculates about the effects the rollout of 4G would have on the iPhone and says that if Verizon could deliver almost nationwide LTE coverage then it would be difficult to imagine Apple not taking advantage. But then 4G probably won’t come this year, so basically Apple doesn’t really have a compelling reason to dump AT&T.

Other than of course the multitude of complaints from iPhone users which Apple doesn’t seem to give a care about, and the fact that AT&T has admitted they are struggling with the iPhone, and that there are millions of potential iPhone customers on the Verizon network.

Seems quite clear to me that allowing the iPhone 4G to go with Verizon would bring millions of new customers and a huge profit for Apple, which is good business yes?


2 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G AT&T Exclusive for 2010 Expectation”

  1. Guest says:

    The quote, “Which is good business”, is where the focus must be put. Good business is streamlining your manufacturing, and reducing the number of vendors you deal with for parts.

    Although Verizon is planning to move to LTE in 2010-2011, this will only be for data. Therefore a device would still need to be capable of doing voice over less adopted CDMA technology (I know some may be saying, well what about VoIP and applications like iCall. To that I would say, this would require Verizon and other carriers to completly change the way they bill consumers, and would potentialy lower their revenue, while increasing their need to upgrade their network. In turn would mean lower quality service, or higher prices.)

    By maintaining their relationship with AT&T, which operates a more robust network, and also operates on GSM technology, Apple will be able to offer US consumers a device that is more easily manufactured for the rest of the world.

  2. Rob says:

    To the editor/writer: Why were my well thought out comments erased? Was it a problem that they were in opposition to your remarks, and your clear bias for Verizon?

    I imagine this will be erased as well, so I might as well let you know what a hack you are. If you stepped away from your keyboard and knew the first thing about business, you would realize that your ideas behind, “which is good business yes?”, is far from “good business”. Thanks for humoring us all. Good Day.

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