Microsoft Project Pink Turtle spotted at FCC

It appears that some possible detail has surfaced on Microsoft’s Project Pink phones over on the FCC in the form of the PB10ZU Turtle which is manufactured by Sharp, and the wireframe looks much the same as the leaked version of last year.

The FCC documentation according to the guys over at engadget say that the PB10ZU Turtle is dual-band CDMA with EVDO Rev.A, a slider form factor, WiFi 802.11b/g, and Bluetooth. With the Turtle being CDMA one would expect the mobile phone to go with Sprint or Verizon once it finally hits the shelves.

Along with the PB10ZU Turtle there is also mention of another mobile phone, the PB20ZU, which is presumed to be another Microsoft Project Pink handset which will be called the Pure; however there is no further information available on said handset at this time.

With Mobile World Congress 2010 almost upon us maybe Microsoft will unveil their Project Pink line then, or if not then perhaps they will during CTIA 2010 in March, we’ll have to wait and see.

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