Mobile Phone Apps War against Apple Coming

It appears battle lines are being drawn up by twelve of the world’s leading mobile phone operators to form an alliance that is to strike out against Apple and their domination of the mobile phone applications arena which will bring a war of the apps to the mobile space.

According to an article over on the Times Online, AT&T, Telefonica, Orange and another nine operators will forge the alliance with a view to building an open tech platform which will produce apps to all mobile phone users.

The word is jointly the alliance will have a customer base of in excess of 2 billion. Furthermore it is said that mobile phone makers LG, Sony Ericsson and Samsung will support the alliance and that an official announcement of the forming of the alliance will come during Mobile World Congress 2010.

Word has it that the new alliance wants to make it easier for software developers to make applications that will help them compete against Apple. Not sure how well Apple will that AT&T competing against them beings AT&T has the iPhone, but then again maybe this will be the straw that finally breaks the back and Apple will pull away from AT&T.

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