Video: Mikey 2 for iPhone Hands-on Demo

We have a video for your viewing pleasure today of an iPhone accessory, the Mikey 2 which is basically a microphone for your iPhone or iPod Touch and comes courtesy of the guys over at phone dog.

Basically what the Mikey is is a microphone which can plug into any iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch and turns it into a multi-track studio so the maker says. The Mikey for iPhone was originally intended for singer-songwriters to lay down basic ideas.

However the commenter says that now people are using it for interviews, field recorders, podcasts and basically anything you need high quality audio for.

I’ll let you head on down to the video below to check out all about the Mikey 2 for iPhone, which apparently carries a price tag of between $80 and a $100…enjoy.

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