Verizon Wireless and Skype partnership Skype calls over 3G

Skype has won a fantastic deal according to much speculation with US Telco operator Verizon Wireless. This will definitely be a great move as it is speculated that this will enable Skype calls over Verizon’s 3G network.

Generally larger companies kept themselves back and out of the way when Skype mobile was unveiled a few years back. Especially Skype to Skype mobile calls over the 3G network.

It has taken some time but it would appear that suddenly Verizon has woken up to the idea and now very interested in the whole Skype concept. The partnership for Verizon would be about a lot more than just a deal with Skype, as being the second biggest Telco operator in the United States it would take a killer app to rival the biggest which is AT&T.

AT&T are already very established to say the least, with their exclusive deal with the Apple iPhone and Skype is already enabled on its Wi-Fi networks. There is an iPhone Skype version which is currently in the development stage which will work on AT&T’s 3G eventually. Source – theinquirer.net

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