Windows Phone 7 series OS new start for Microsoft

We know that Microsoft have fallen a few times so far in a desperate attempt to become a major player in the ever growing extremely competitive smartphone market. Could that be about to change? Their intention again is to narrow that gap.

During the media event at the MWC Chief executive officer Steve Ballmer unveiled the Windows Phone 7 series operating system. The market continues to increase as more and more people are being attracted to mobile phone devices that not only state the obvious and allow phone calls and email but offer that little bit extra.

Many people now want more than just a phone, and enjoy being able to watch movies and TV, listen to their music, keep up to date and in touch with friends and family through social networking sites whilst being on the move.

Steve Ballmer described the new platform as a new beginning. The 7 series is a different kind of phone built for lives in motion. This is really exciting stuff for Microsoft and good news is that we can expect it to be on the market by Christmas which isn’t that far away. For more information visit vancouversun.com

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