MWC 2010 Videos: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands-on Demonstration

The big news at Mobile World Congress 2010 seems to be centred round Microsoft and their brand new Windows Phone 7 Series smartphone operating system, and we have a couple more video hands-on demos for your viewing pleasure today.

The first video lasts almost one and a quarter minutes and the second just over two and a quarter minutes of Windows Phone 7 Series action and comes courtesy of the guys over at mobile crunch.

They do offer an apology for the quality of the videos as apparently interest was so much that the guy had to stand on tiptoe just to capture what video he could as there was a massive group of people all clambering to get a shot of Windows Phone 7 Series.

The two videos cover Windows Phone 7 Series, Xbox hub and photo hub, and Bing Search and Peoples (Contacts) hub, so check out the videos below and let us know your views by dropping us a comment.

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