Symbian smartphones for 100 Euros $137

The smartphone market as we all now is getting bigger and bigger, and at this point looks like that is going to just continue. Handset vendors are now rolling out some amazing offers on cheaper models and have reduced prices of older models.

Symbian smartphones are said to be arriving later this year to the market with prices around 100 Euros. Head of the Symbian foundation Lee Williams said at the Mobile World Congress “this year we will see a few products hitting that point”.

Without operator subsidies you can currently get a Nokia Symbian phone for around 120 – 130 Euros. It is expected that the likes of Qualcomm and Infineon will be playing a key part by driving down costs through manufacturing scale and technical innovation.

We should expect that lower cost smartphones will drive up the vendors shipments but then of course pushing down the average price and subsequently profit. The top hardware makers are planning to continue roiling out cheaper and cheaper smartphones during 2010 in order to compete with rivals. Source – reuters.com

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