First Nokia Intel Meego Phone to be LG GW990

Only the other day Nokia and Intel announced their joint venture to merge the Moblin and Maemo operating system to form a new operating system known as Meego, and now we learn which mobile phone will be the first handset to sport Meego; the LG GW990, reports an article over on electronista.

The LG GW990 is a Morrestown powered smartphone which LG expect t release in Korea in the second half of this year and should then follow in other countries as well, and will be the first phone based on Intel’s Morrestown processor.

Of course whether the LG GW990 is actually the first Meego OS phone depends on Nokia making a transition of Meego to the maeo5 Nokia N900 smartphone apparently.

Spec wise the LG Gw990 sports HSDPA/HSUPA, HD 720p, 1080p, 5 megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus, A-GPS, compass, and 4.8 inch widescreen touch screen, Bluetooth, and microSD expansion; more as and when we hear.


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  1. Although, I have heard about it a little late but nice to read that Intel company is also entering into the mobile phone technology with its new operating system Meego in association with Nokia. I am also little surprise why Nokia is introducing this operating system in LG Phones and why not in one of its own phones.

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