Windows Phone 6, no 7, no Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition?

Sound confusing? Well it probably does, but apparently there is a Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition which apparently can be used for rugged field computing and the like and is destined for emerging markets reports an article on gsmarena.

Apparently Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition runs on just about every available connectivity there is, such as GSM, EDGE, GPRS, EVDO Rev.A, CDMA2000, and even the Chinese home brew 3G TD-SCDMA, and Windows Phone 6 will be available in 2 versions, one with Office Mobile and the other without.

Have you guessed it yet? Well apparently Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition is despite the ‘Phone’ being added is actually a re-brand of Windows Mobile 6.5, now just why they did that is anyone’s guess other than jumping on the ‘Windows Phone 7’ bandwagon.

Personally I can’t see why they just didn’t stick with Windows Mobile 6.5 as we all used to know it; still, I bet that Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition had you thinking for a while there didn’t it?

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