1 Apple iPad or numerous iPhone carrying Jeans Concept?

Not really anything to do with the mobile arena except the new Apple iPad is supposed to be portable hence mobile thus is in a roundabout way to do with the mobile space, besides I simply couldn’t resist this one.

Whoever thinks up these concepts must have a weird mind, the latest concept in mobile technology isn’t the iPad or even an iPhone but the clothes you wear to carry your mobile tech.

Basically I think the guys over at ohnodoom, are having a bit of fun at the Apple iPad’s expence and who can blame them, with their iBap concept, iBap standing for “iGotaBigAssPocket’.

It’s just an amusing concept with a touch of fun, and they say they have no plans to actually produce iBap apparel but was just an idea and to send a message about the future of mobile devices, thank god for that, I mean can you see anyone actually wearing these jeans?

If the iBap was available would it be exclusive to AT&T? One wonders…

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