Nokia N97 Mini Calendar function detailed

As we know the Nokia N97 Mini is a great smartphone which offers users a fantastic range of different features and superb usability.

With all Nokia devices you can expect a cool calendar function which will allow you to update all of your events and functions. Inputting all that information can be very time consuming and rather tedious.

But now you can sync your device with Outlook, enabling you to access your calendar on your Nokia N97 Mini. Its easy enough to do as well, simply open the Nokia PC Suite then click on the spanner which is on the bottom left hand side.

From here you can choose the application that you want to sync with for example outlook as that has a great calendar function. Then click the next arrow, then choose what you want to sync from, you can choose a synchronisation range which lets you choose specific months you want to export to your Nokia N97 Mini. For more information visit noknok.tv

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