Sagem launch the CosyPhone for the older generation

Sagem have launched a new phone specifically aimed at users over the age of 50 which has a large keypad with separated buttons and uses Near Field Communication technology to make things a little simpler.

Things will be easier to do on this phone like making a call or texting friends without having to scroll through menus. Cards are used instead which consumers can customise with a photo or any other information and can be pre programmed with the number person or place you wish to call.

Making a call is simple as all that is required is for the user to simply wave their phone over that card in order to make the call or send a text. It uses a recharger cradle in order to reduce trailing wires when plugging in to recharge the battery.

Everything about the CosyPhone is about making things simple, and its intended market is for the older generation. There have not been any details yet on price or a release date, but we can expect it to become available on a variety of networks. Source – telegraph.co.uk

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