Samsung Super AMOLED screen expected on Apple iPhone 4G

Of course Samsung are leading the race when it comes to the super AMOLED screen, as they developed it.

Now speculation and rumours are starting to get hot, with the latest being that the next generation iPhone will be produced with the same super AMOLED display although this could lead to power concerns on the smartphone OLED screens.

As we all know OLED screens do consume a lot more power and given the general kind of content that Apple smartphone owners tend to like the iPhone 4G may not live up to expectations.

The super AMOLED screen which has been developed by Samsung has a lot of advantages it is five times clearer and offers better visibility out in the open. It would seem that Apple will need to work hard on this equation by perhaps using a black background with maybe blue or white lettering to minimize power consumption. Just a thought. Source – devicemag.com


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    OLED consuming a lot more power? Get your facts straight! OLED will use less power than traditional LCD screens due to not needing a backlight. This should help the iPhone to safe some power besides the better look ;).

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