Lost phones turn up usually down back of sofa 1.3 million

It has been reported that more than half of all mobile phones that are reported lost or stolen eventually turn up down the back of s sofa.

That’s according to the UK Home Office, the reason the question was asked was initially that 1.3 million handsets that are reported as being either lost or stolen didn’t appear in official crime figures, and now we know why because most of them turn up safe and sound and unharmed.

The figures were in response to schemes to reduce mobile phone crime, which include a tag which will bleep if your handset is more than a few meters away from you and another system which works by requesting a PIN when the SIM is changed.

Astonishingly 228 mobile phones are reported stolen every hour here in the UK, which equates to around 2 million phones each year. Home Office statistics show the number being 700,000 so that’s why the question was asked what has happened to the other 1.3 million. It is also worth bearing in mind that the 228 per hour is based on Insurance claims and the 700,000 are thefts recorded by the police. Therefore it could be that some are claiming without reporting to the police. Source – reghardware.co.uk

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