Video: Motorola Devour gets Demonstrated

It’s not too long before the Motorola Devour hits shelves over in the States, so we thought you’d like to see a hands-on demo of the Motorola Devour presented by the vice president of Android software and Motorola services, Rick Osterloh.

The Motorola Devour hands-on demo video last just over the seven minute mark, and takes us through some of the stuff the Motorola Devour has to offer which will be available on the Verizon network in the first quarter.

Osterloh starts off by pointing out the nice slide QWERTY keyboard of the Motorola Devour and then goes on to list the main specs such as half VGA display, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and such. The Motorola Devour’s Qualcomm 600 MHz chipset makes it very fast, and has a lot of speed improvements.

However, rather than me tell you all about it, I’m sure you just want to head on down and watch that Motorola Devour video which comes courtesy of the guys over at engadget, so head on down and enjoy.

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