Nokia Apple patent dispute continues

The battle between Nokia and Apple doesn’t look like its going to go away, as the United States International Trade Commission have now agreed to look into Apple’s patent claims against Nokia.

That’s just a month after agreeing to do the same for Nokia’s patent claims against Apple. It would now seem that the ITC has been bought into the battle perhaps acting as mediator.

The claims seek to expedite the legal process by now asking the ITC to intervene. Nokia has asked that the ITC bans all imports of products using technologies patented by Nokia this will include iPhones, iPods, and more.

Apple has requested that the ITC ban imports of all Nokia products alleged to infringe on Apple patents, this will include mobile phone devices using Symbian. They have also issued a new legal filing which accuses Nokia of being deceptive with their business practices.
One thing is for sure though, the battle between Nokia and Apple looks like it will continue for a little while yet. To read more in this story visit pcworld.com

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