MWC 2010 Video: Eye Gesture Phone Control from NTT DoCoMo

If you think finger gestures is the latest tech in the smartphone world them you could possible be wrong as it looks like the future holds eye gesture tech for smartphones whereby the movement of the user’s eyes can control navigation.

There was a new prototype was unveiled during Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona by NTT DoCoMo which enables the user to navigate their mobile phone simply be moving their eyes. Apparently the user can make a call, check text messages and even play a song just by making eye gestures.

This is enabled by the user wearing a special set of earphones that are equipped with electrodes that pick up on the eyes ‘electrical potential,’ and apparently even works when the user’s eyes are closed.

Just so you can get an idea of this new eye gesture tech from NTT DoCoMo, we have a video demo for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below courtesy of switched, so head on down below and check it out.

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