Nokia Kills Off Nokia 6216 Classic NFC handset

Way back in April 2009, Nokia announced the Nokia 6216 Classic handset which would be the first mobile phone to deliver Near Field Communication (NFC) via SIM rather than an embedded element and the Nokia 6216 Classic candy-bar was due to ship in Q3 of 09.

However, rumours started flying that Nokia had changed their mind about the Nokia 6216 Classic albeit showcasing a limited number of Nokia 6216 mobile phones at the Cartes trade show.

Now according to an article over on near field communications world, Nokia has confirmed the Nokia 6216 Classic will not be produced, and according to the vice president of industry collaborations at Nokia, Mark Selby, the reason is concern over timing and other elements to make NFC a success.

Although Selby did indicate that the cancellation of the Nokia 6216 Classic doesn’t mean any reduction is Nokia’s overall interest in NFC.

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