What was Hot at MWC 2010 and not so Hot

Top of the list for what was Hot would have to be HTC, surely you’d have to agree what a successful 2009 they had with the Magic, Hero and HD2 and then not stopping there with more extremely hot handsets such as the HTC Legend and the Desire the new Android powered devices.

Google hot as well, not because they have just recently released their own phone but more to do with the success of Android, lots of phones at the MWC were released based on the Android platform. Microsoft have also come up trumps with the Windows Mobile 7 series, it would seem they have now realised the consumer market is very important as is the business one.

Nokia the Finnish company is a little confusing to us at the moment declining the market share is a worry for the company as you would expect but it would seem that Nokia isn’t intending on sorting it out long term. They didn’t even show up at the MWC, although Nokia and Intel did announce they were to combine operating systems to make MeeGo.

Strangely enough Motorola have appeared in the not so hot section, the reason for that is the apparent lack of interest by the company in the UK. Even though they showed eight new handsets in the last 6 months we’ve only been blessed with two of them here the Dext and Milestone. LG failed to show up at the MWC but has announced a couple of new phones for Europe too the Mini and the GT450. Source – techradar.com

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