Pre order your HTC Desire now

Great news for all you Android fanatics out there, and I know there is a lot of you. As the recently announced HTC Desire is available now to pre order for just £30 a month.

The HTC Desire dubbed as the Nexus Two is available for you to pre order right now,
T Mobile have already confirmed that they will be supporting the device on its network from the end of March.

Orange have also confirmed they will be offering the Desire from April, but why wait as you can pre order it now, this obviously gives an indication to the affordability expected when it actually arrives.

Mobilephonesdirect are now giving you the opportunity to put your name down now for the HTC Desire, and they are quoting a tariff from T-Mobile of just £30 per month. You will need to agree to a two year contract to secure this deal. The HTC Legend and the HTC Desire take Androids to that other level in both substance and style according to HTC’s Chief executive Peter Chou. Source – itpro.co.uk

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