Video: Sonim XP2 Spirit Toughness Test

If you remember back during CES, Sonim had a journalist work over their supposedly indestructible Sonim XP3 handset, which failed the test and broke. Well during Mobile World Congress 2010, Sonim were back this time with their Sonim XP2 Spirit according to slashgear.

This time round Sonim were touting the Sonim XP2 Spirit as “the world’s toughest phone,” and has people put the tough mobile phone through some heavy duty tests which were captured on video and we have that video for your viewing pleasure below.

Sonim gave attendees a hammer, nail and wood and got them to hammer the nail into the wood using the Sonim XP2 Spirit, or smacking the back of the Sonim XP2 Spirit with the hammer to dive the nail in, the results of which are rather remarkable.

Apparently the Sonim XP2 Spirit uses what they call “gorilla glass,” which apparently is virtually unbreakable, so hit up the video below and check it out for yourselves.


4 thoughts on “Video: Sonim XP2 Spirit Toughness Test”

  1. Dave H says:

    great phone – want one – come on enduromobile you keep saying its going to be out soon and now its the end of july – bored of waiting

  2. knapo says:

    I see that this has been re-released and now has a software update and the traditional Sonim screws on the battery cover. Just Pre-ordered mine from enduro mobile website. PS Ive been waiting ages for this phone!

  3. Nick says:

    Hi, have had one for 5 days and was brilliant, until it fell out my pocket at 1 meter high and has smashed all the casing. so its no realy all they make it out to be. thought i would let people know as i paid £300 to be sold a con

  4. not happy says:

    Buttons feel flimsy, operating system is terrible, reception is crap and support is worse than all of these together. DO NOT BUY!

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