LG GD 510 Pop proves popular selling over 1 million since launch

Both LG and Samsung have taken the touchscreen phone to another level, what started off as the LG Cookie and the Samsung Star has now moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Now we have the LG GD 510 and a complete range of Corby touchscreen handsets from Samsung. Sales have just continued to grow and reports show phenomenal sales of both LG and Samsung touchscreen handsets.

Now we have another that has passed the 1 million mark in sales, yet another from LG the GD 510 Pop which has sold more than one million since the launch. The Pop is typically a mid range touchscreen with a 3 megapixel camera.

Other features of this device is the WQVGA screen and a rather unusual option for a solar charger. Okay so it may not be as packed with features as some of LG‘s other high end touchscreen products but it still makes its own mark with comprehensive multimedia support. Source – techtree.com

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