Female Pressure leads to iPhone Adult Content Clean up

As you are probably aware, Apple has steadily over the last few days been kicking iPhone apps from the App Store which they consider have “objectionable content.” And said banned iPhone apps include anything that may be considered offensive, right down to a woman wearing a bikini, which is an everyday sight these days.

So why has Apple taken this stance on crushing all iPhone apps that even hint at a bit of flesh? Well according to an article over on the NYT, it’s because Apple has received a number of complaints from women.

Apparently when asked why, Apple exec Philip W. Schiller, responded that several developers have submitted apps which contain “objectionable content,” and it has come to the point where they were receiving customer complaints from women who found the content was getting too degrading and objectionable.

Apple does say they care about developers by have to place the needs of kids and parents first. So there’s no such thing as parental control? Apple can’t come up with a way of ensuring kids can’t download any naughty app to their iPhone? It appears women power rules the day with Apple and the iPhone.


One thought on “Female Pressure leads to iPhone Adult Content Clean up”

  1. I for one cannot take this seriously, women are just as bad as men these days. I honestly do not think this is the case at all although I do wish I knew there reasoning behind it.

    Surely the can work along with the mobile providers to the block any adult apps or content that they provide in there store. Mobile providers already lock content until you verify your age with them for them to remove content lock.

    For example if you go to http://wap.twistedtalent.com and you do not have adult/content lock removed your mobile provider will block you from seeing the site. If you do have it removed then you will be able to see it.

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