Phone Screen Chemical Poisons Chinese Nokia Workers

Authorities say that several worker of a plant in eastern China which supplies parts for Nokia mobile phones are undergoing treatment for chemical poisoning due to the manufacturer illegally using the toxic chemical n-hexane to clean mobile phone screens reports an article over on smh, who gained their info from the AFP.

According to spokesperson for an industrial park in Suzhou city where the factory is located, Liu Jie, the manufacturer had used the illegal chemical from October 08 up until July 09.

The company was Lianjian Technology Company and is a subsidiary of Wintek of Taiwan, which supplies Nokia and Apple with touch screens. Liu went on to confirm that the problem surfaced last summer and the plant was ordered to stop using the chemical which can cause paralysis when inhaled in large quantities

The manager of the plant has been dismissed, a total of fifty-seven workers were hospitalised while forty-four were still undergoing treatment for chemical poisoning.

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