Pre order your Sony Ericsson Vivaz at Vodafone UK

A pre order status has been put on the Sony Ericsson Symbian based Vivaz by Vodafone UK.

The stylish lovely curved handset will be available in the UK in two great colours either Moon Silver or Venus Ruby, and packed full of great high end features and you can pre order yours now from the online store.

Some of the capabilities we can expect from this new device is the cool 8.1 megapixel camera which has a 4x digital zoom and smile and face detection. The screen is a 3.2 inch HD widescreen display with crystal clear qualities.

The phone has HD video capabilities which will allow users to shoot and broadcast their experiences. Vodafone UK will launch the Sony Ericsson Vivaz on its airwaves for free with just a £30 per month 24 month contract. This plan includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts and mobile internet. Interested then what are you waiting for head over to Vodafone UK. Source – news.softpedia.com


One thought on “Pre order your Sony Ericsson Vivaz at Vodafone UK”

  1. I bought this phone on Saturday from phones for you.

    At first i was unsure as it seemed very slow to startup. This is now no longer an issue and i assume it was firt time use.

    The first thing that struck me was the shape of the phone. It fits very nicely in my hand tho it is a little smooth in places so it is easy to drop. [though i have not yet done so].

    The phone is sensitive when touching but not too sensitive. The key lock is an actual button and to unlock, it require you to push the button and a specific place on the screen so not much chance unlocking in your pocket.

    The thing i LOVE about this phone, is not only there are a fair few nice apps out for it, but the usb cable that comes with it is GREAT. I use it to put music on the phone.. then i can go out to my car and plug in the usb to the phone into the car stereo [if you have a usb port in the head unit].

    It then allows me to charge the phone and listen to the track on my phone at the same time which is GREAT! no worried about running out of battery miles from home.

    The loudspeaker is what i would call the most and only disappointing thing about this phone.. it is not very loud at all.. good if you have a small room but otherwise quite pathetic.

    There is also a youtube in built app which allows you too connect to youtube and play HD videos instantly on your phone.

    I strongly recommend this phone for anyone who texts alot, tho keyboard is hard to get used to if your used to actual keys.

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