FCC ETF Inquiry gets Response from All Major US Carriers

No doubt if you follow the mobile arena you’ll be aware that the FCC is inquiring into the early termination fees set down by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Google, to which all the carriers had to respond by the 23rd of February.

Well according to the guys over at engadget, all the carriers have now responded to the FCC request. T-Mobile responded with that a single ETF of $200 is the best way and that customers who opt for their Even More Plus Plan can avoid the ETF altogether.

Google quickly states that they have already lowered their ERF from $350 to $150, but when added to the T-Mobile ETF it still comes out as $350 for the Nexus One, and remind the FCC that the ERF is not intended as a revenue stream but more of a way of recouping losses if T-Mobile asks for their commission back if a customer cancels before 120 days.

Sprint on the other hand is basically sitting on the fence by responding that they are still evaluating the market with regard to a multi-ETF set up.

Then the main instigator of the FCC inquiry due to them initiating a two-tier EFT, Verizon goes on to basically repeat what the carrier stated in their last response, and no doubt something the FCC won’t be too pleased about, so we’ll be waiting to see what the FCC does next.

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