Video: Verizon Motorola Devour gets Unboxed

We have a video unboxing of the Motorola Devour smartphone for you viewing entertainment today, courtesy of Noah over at phone dog, where Noah set about unboxing the latest handset from Motorola in his usual jovial manner.

The Verizon Motorola Devour unboxing video lasts a cool13 minutes and the first thing we learn is the Motorola Devour will hit Best Buy Mobile first on the 25th of February with a price tag of $99 after rebate and on contract and then via Verizon in mid March for $149 after rebate and on contract.

Noah does say that he met with Motorola previously and thus they made sure the handset was activated and working before handing it over, so thus isn’t a full on traditional unboxing.

Still, an unboxing is an unboxing and I’m sure you’ll still want to quickly head on down and hit play, so without further ado get to it and watch the Motorola Devour unboxing…enjoy.

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