Nokia N86 8MP Art Exhibit at Heathrow Terminal 5

Apparently Heathrow Airport is going to have an art exhibit at their terminal 5 of the world’s largest printed mobile phone image, which was taken by the Nokia N86 8MP handset reports an article over on noknok.

The art exhibit at Heathrow’s terminal 5 has been sponsored by Nokia Heathrow/BAA along with Skyline Whitespace and is set to be unveiled sometime in March and reportedly compares the lifestyles and lives of Dubai and Mumbai.

Apparently the world’s larges printed mobile phone picture is actually the size of a double-decker bus and it is not just the skyscrapers of Dubai which are depicted but the slums of Mumbai as well.

If you happen to be at Heathrow Terminal 5 in March it may be worth checking out the Nokia N86 8MP exhibit, but if not then you can check out the images online by hitting up here, but do come back and let us know what you think.

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