Palm to release update for Pixi and Pre

In an attempt to change things Palm are releasing an update for both the Pre and the Pixi devices.

It has been said that sales of the said iPhone buster Palm Pre has failed to make the impact that it was expected to. The update is expected to include all the usual bug fixes and also some improvements to performance.

The software update from Palm is going to also bring with it video recording and also Adobe Flash support. We all know that the iPhone does video recording and editing but so far the Pre has lacked in those features. Android phones have had video since last year, along with Flash this should at least bring the Pre back into the spotlight.

There is some speculation that Palm may well be running out of not only ideas but cash as well, and the word is that it may even be hoping for a buyer in the near future. The problem itself is quite simple nobody took interest and actually wanted to purchase their phones. Source – theinquirer.net

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